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Navigating Age, Diversity, and Perspectives: My Journey of Acceptance

As people age, they may come to understand that the world doesn't always go their way.

Therefore, when they encounter people with different approaches, they might have more opportunities to say, "Is that the way they do it?" and understand and accept it.

I actually feel that my range of acceptance has expanded compared to the past.

However, Japan seems to be the opposite.

Even over small matters, it's as if people are keen on picking at the details and objecting if it's different from their way of doing things.

Especially as people get older, it seems that many believe their way is the only correct way.

They seem to believe that their own common sense and methods are 100% correct.

When conveying this, even though you might believe that you're doing good or offering advice, can you truly understand that it might actually become restrictive rules for the other person, taking away their freedom and sapping their motivation?

(Of course, the attitude of listening to advice is also important. But the way advice is delivered can turn it into "criticism" or "imposing authority," depending on how it's presented. That's why the manner of communication is crucial.)

I think there's nothing as easy as believing that what you think is right.

If you can think that way, everything becomes easier. Living your life by considering your answer as the world's answer will make life more convenient.

But I don't choose that path because the world is filled with people of various thoughts.

Recognizing this is, I believe, the first step towards accepting diversity.




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