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Mutsumi's Perspective: Unveiling the Peculiarities of Japan

by Mutsumi Gustavich

Welcome to "Mutsumi's Perspective: Unveiling the Peculiarities of Japan." I'm a Japanese native, born and raised in this captivating land. While I've never left Japan's shores, a dear friend's insight encouraged me to embrace my global perspective.
This blog is a journey into the unique aspects of Japanese culture and society, often seen through the eyes of someone who occasionally feels like a peculiar alien in her own homeland. I'm excited to share the experiences and observations that have molded my perception of Japan.
My American husband's unwavering encouragement finally gave me the confidence to begin this writing venture. While my posts will explore various facets of Japanese life, a significant focus will revolve around the challenges and questions I encounter within the Japanese workplace.
Join me as we uncover Japan's intricacies and explore the world through my distinctive viewpoint. I hope you find my insights both engaging and thought-provoking.*

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Nice to meet you.

Hello! I am Mutsumi. I'm a Japanese native, born and raised in the captivating archipelago of Japan. Despite never leaving the boundaries...

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